The Metosa Group’s latest brand

Why technology like JAP’s was necessary?

The METOSA GROUP, a pioneering company in the machine tool industry has been designing and manufacturing continuously for more than 75 years its range of quality, efficient lathes and is now a company positioned in the supply of cutting-edge technology.

The current market is more and more competitive and demanding, requesting reliable and accurate products offering minimal downtime in the manufacturing processes and needs to produce workpieces with tight tolerances, consistently in a profitable way.

In response The METOSA GROUP has created the new Premium line JAP range of conventional and CNC lathes. This range offers machines with rigid and stable beds combined with the selection of high quality materials, components and accessories in its construction, making JAP a new benchmark in the machine tool industry.

JAP: The Metosa Group’s latest brand

The Metosa Group’s launch of JAP, the new brand offering cutting-edge technology lathes, incorporates a new design of bed with improved stiffness, careful selection of raw materials and components, the optimizing of the assembly and quality control process, which combined provides a significant improvement in the performance of all JAP models.

As a result of the effort in the R&D investment of The Metosa Group, the new JAP lathes improve the machining time, guarantee the dimensional stability of workpieces produced and obtain an optimum surface finishing.

The supply of the JAP range always provides a complete service for the customers: from the analysis of the customer’s needs, in house manufacturing, commercial advice, transport service, control and commissioning of the machine, training of the operators in our facilities; to the technical after sales service and maintenance contracts.

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