precision lathes

Conventional and CNC lathes prepared to support high performance industries. JAP includes 4 premium ranges of lathes designed under the study of process control and high manufacturing technology.

High-end lathes

  • Exclusive production with state of the art manufacturing technology.
  • Maximum precision and reliability for the most demanding industries.
  • Minimization of downtime in manufacturing processes.
  • Formula of excellence: Flat bench with maximum stability + Customization of accessories for high performance.
  • The result of more than 70 of lathe manufacturing

Large capacity CNC lathes with up to 4 axes.

• STH 400
• STH 500

Speed and versatility of work with a maximum of 3 axes.

• STS 200
• STS 250
• STS 350

The ideal choice for prototyping, maintenance and CNC learning jobs.

• SMS 200
• SMS 250
• SMS 325


Maximum precision manual lathe.

• MLS 200
• MLS 250
• MLS 325

JAP: a new way of understanding the robustness and quality standards for turning machines

All of our premium lathes are designed to the highest quality standards. The increased rigidity of the new JAP benches minimizes the impact of vibrations during machining.

JAP guarantees the dimensional stability of the machine tool and optimizes the lathe functionality by increasing the thermal strength.

Reduction of downtime

We provide all our premium lathes with standard equipment that guarantees functionality with maximum precision and is is the basis for supporting the accesories that you company needs

JAP responds to a market that demands reduced downtime in manufacturing processes. Our new range of premium lathes allows tight tolerances and repeatability in production processes.

We become part of your company´s value chain, bringing the result of more tan half a century of innovation and lathe improvement

JAP LATHES: Premium high precision lathes




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