JAP numerical control lathes present excellence in automated execution within the most demanding production processes. The high technology of JAP CNC lathes supports industries around the world that demand the highest quality.

JAP CNC lathes: excellence as a result of R + D + I

  • Trimming speed adjustment tuning.
  • Optimization of assembly processes and quality control.
  • CNC performance tuning for complex production processes.
  • Improvement of machining times.
  • Penetration speed adjustment for high working volumes.
  • Maximum stability bedplate with improved rigidity
  • Pass depth adjustment.
  • Excellence in the finish of materials.

The projection of JAP CNC lathes: the future of an changing industry

JAP CNC lathes support the most demanding roughing jobs. We have introduced the best precision technology to créate cnc lathes that are intuitive, versatile, fast and accurate.

Maximum rigidity bed: new bed with increased width in all our JAP CNC lathes: increased rigidity and increased weight of the lathe (30%).

Time-saving Duplomatic turret: the main advantage of the new Duplomatic turrets on JAP CNC lathes is that they allow the tool holders to be removed in a very simple and intuitive way, thus shortening working times.

A Noise Reducing Main Spindle – The spindle Shafts in our range of cnc lathes reduce noise and increase stability. JAP CNC lathes achieve a better pat finish thanks to the versatility of functions and adjustment parametersfor plunge, speed and plunge depth.

JAP CNC LATHES: Data sheet

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